What are the Amazing Luxuries in VIP Desert Safari?

The city of gold -Dubai is the epitome of luxury and extravagance. You’ll see an installation of grace in every single thing here. Whether it’s the gracious Burj Khalifa or the traditional souk markets. It has fascinating landmarks, preserved customs, and mind-boggling adventures. These things make it a busy tourist attraction. But here we have shared some amazing luxuries in the VIP desert safari.

Dubai is also rich in natural resources. During our visit, we chose to explore such natural assets i.e. Desert safari Dubai. And when you are out to a new place, you need consistent guidance. To remain hassle-free, secure, and hence enjoy the fullest. Thanks to Happy Adventures Tourism LLC which kept us covered. From start to throughout our whole journey to the dunes.

With super luxurious VIP treatment, this is what we encountered in a desert safari.

Amenities Offered in a VIP Desert Safari

1. Private Pickup

The driver drove us away right from the city glitz to the southern region of Dubai. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC sent their skilled driver. Who picked us up from the hotel in Dubai via a land cruiser. He drove safely, meanwhile, the journey was amazing with butterflies in my stomach. After all, we were heading to embrace an adventure of a lifetime!

Well, the vehicle was super classy with comfortable seatings and air-conditioning. We had a similar sort of luxurious drop-off at the hotel. If you are more than six, half of your group will get to enjoy dune drive in another 4WD, as it can carry a maximum of six people.

2. Extra Time for Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the sport of madcaps. It’s for people who love the thrill. If you are such a thrill-seeker, you’d love to know that. We got to enjoy extended time for dune bashing in a VIP desert safari Dubai. A typical dune bashing round is 15 minutes. However, the VIP guests can take advantage of hitting. Where the dunes and taking pictures with the vehicles for over 30 minutes.

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The cooperative operators of Happy Adventures Tourism were along with us. From pick up to throughout the whole Hummer drive. The terrain SUVs comes with safety kits and the drivers know how to tackle any trouble. Those drivers are highly skilled professionals and licensed for driving off-road vehicles.

So you can grab a hummer, land cruiser, Nissan patrol, and a dune buggy without any fears!

3. Crazy Dune Activities

Practice your balance on a sandboard, wander over the camel’s hump, and drift a quad bike. There are a lot more enticing activities to put yourself into in the dune arena. Sandboarding is an amusing sport in which the surfer crosses the dunes like a pro. It requires a little practice to go unstoppable across the sandy surface.

Since it is an evening safari tour, explore the dunes from over the camel’s back. Camels are the heritage animals that nomads used to travel from place to place. You have a chance to travel like those nomads and have an insight into the archaic window of the Emirates.

Furthermore, Quad biking and dune buggy are also super enthralling terrain activities. Get some training and drift your quad bike high to low on the sloppy dunes. All this insane adventure is extended for a VIP guest. So make the most out of your private trip to the dunes of Dubai.

4. Private Bedouin Camps

We enjoyed the colours of Arabian tradition in brighter tones in the camps. These remote resting rooms are fully equipped with necessities for VIP guests. The private Bedouin camps depict an old Arabian lifestyle.

Besides, these camps provide complete luxuries to the guests. There are cozy couches, royal rags, and colourful tones. Along with that, there are separate toilet facilities for males and females. The top-notch hospitality of the tour vendors. Also, the native Arabs were clearly seen in those traditional-style camps.

Moreover, we had a great insight into the Arabian lifestyle. By staying in those fully-fledged private camps. The caravansaries look so captivating when pitched over the golden sand surface. You too won’t be able to resist capturing some Instagrammable shots as souvenirs.

5. Classic Servings

The desert safari Dubai guests get to serve royal savoury with Arabian hospitality. Get extreme pleasure from a variety of traditional and international cuisine. Which were served at your table. Get rejuvenated by devouring chilled soft drinks, mocktails, and mineral water supply. Which is totally free and unlimited. Enjoy the stimulating sips of tea and Arabian coffee along with dates and snacks. Whatever you like!

Bless your taste buds with the zest of flavorful dishes. These include charcoal roasted meat, salads, soups & sides. Which are best known for the luscious flavours of Arabia. Happy Adventures Tourism hosts served us the tasteful mix of spice! All the veg and non-veg food items were truly delightful bites. Never forget trying out the Arabian desserts, Kunafa, and brown dumplings. Besides, the sweet dishes are super tempting to the tongue!

6. Cultural Attributes of the Arabs

Since we were the guest of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. To the striking campsites of the desert. There was henna painting going on for women and kids. Whereas, many folks were dressing up in the white robe -the Kandura, and snapping them up. You’ll find some cool props as well to make your pictures extra funky.

However, there’s a heritage juggling tradition of the falcons. These birds show swooping and luring actions in the sand upon their master’s order.

Like the after-sun show at the terrain is super dramatic. In this, there is the live depiction of the belly dance, fire show and Tanoura dance show. We had enjoyed all the live entertainment shows. While smouldering flavorful shisha and hookah in your cozy seatings.


Finally, this was all about what we experienced in our VIP desert safari. One incredible fact about such places is that once you go there, you return as a storyteller. If you want to collect amazing stories in the terrain of Dubai. To make your move thereby grabbing an itinerary. Like we did by approaching Happy Adventures Tourism! They made our whole venture to the desert, less concerning and more cheerful.

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