7 Screenwriting Books Which Every Writer Must Read

The Best Screenwriting Books You Need to Read

The art of writing scripts for the mass media is screenwriting. In the mass media, there comes feature films and TV productions etc. Nowadays, it has become a freelance profession. There are lots of responsibilities of a screenwriter. He has to research the story. A screenwriter has to develop the narrative of the story. He has to write the script of the story.

A screenwriter has to develop and deliver the dialogues effectively. In the entertainment industry, multiple writers work on screenwriting. They develop the script at different stages. If you want to become an effective screenwriter, you should read the best quality screenwriting books. Here, we will discuss the top seven screenwriting books that every writer must-read.

Top 7 Screenwriting Books You Can’t Miss Reading

1. The Coffee Break Screenwriter:

Pilar Alessandra is the writer of this book. She is the host of the world’s most famous screenwriting podcasts. Now, she has also written the best screenwriting books. The writers will learn lots of things after reading this book. She has shown her friendly nature in the content of this book. This book is helpful for the writers who are doing 9 to 5 jobs.

After reading this book, they can easily overcome their reading and writing problems. In the subheading of this book, she has mentioned that you can enhance your writing skills just by spending ten minutes in a day.

We have recommended this book because Pilar has explained all the tools and exercises to create the best quality content. You can create the best quality content just within the bites of the ten minutes chunks.

2. The 21st Century Screenplay:

This is the must-read book not only for the new writers but also for the veteran writers. In the 21st century, screenwriters have to write lots of things. In these things, there comes short films, feature films and genre films etc. While writing a screenplay, the writers have to follow various steps.

First of all, they have to choose the best idea for the plot. Secondly, they have to write the best screenplay. At last, they have to rewrite the screenplay.

While reading this book, the writers will get lots of tips about time effective writing. They will also learn how to be creative under pressure. The writers will also learn how to compete with the international writers.

3. The Idea:

Erik Bork is the writer of this book. Lots of screenwriters make a mistake. They dig into the writing script without reviewing the initial idea.

When you will read this book, you can easily overcome this problem. It will provide an idea of all the tools that require converting the initial idea into a bulletproof screenplay.

In this book, you will also learn the techniques of the best writers. You will learn how the world’s most famous writers are using their initial ideas in TV series or feature films.

If you will not adopt the techniques of this book, your content will be a dead piece without a solid idea behind it. You can easily read this book just within few days because it consists of 200 pages only.

4. Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting books:

This book is available in print format for almost 40 years. That’s why it is one of the great resources in screenwriting books.

To buy this book, you will have to pay $13.49. Nowadays, we are granting some concepts to the film students. It is the mainstream book to illustrate these concepts.

The writer of this book has given enough attention to the structure and character of this book. He has also given enough attention to the quality of writing of this book.

That’s why this book is influencing the generations of screenwriters. After reading this book, you will get full command over the original and adapted screenplays. Therefore, you can easily work on all kinds of projects.

5. Save the Cat:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, no doubt, it is one of the most famous books on screenwriting. The writer of this book has broken it into various genres. He has shared all the techniques that good writers are using to create the best scripts.

For the screenplay writers, he has also shared a screenplay template. This screenplay template is helping the screenplay writers to easily drag and drop the ideas.

You can easily download this template. After downloading this template, you can easily fill this sheet with your ideas. By using this template, you can use your idea to create the best quality screenplay.

You can also use it to order the storey events. You will also get enough ideas on how to create exciting things by mixing the ideas.

6. The Writer’s Journey:

It is a fact that people have been telling the stories for hundreds of years. In these stories, there come ancient myths and the latest web stories. In this book, the writer has tracked the progress of these stories. He has also explained the impacts of the ancient stories on modern-day screenplays, TV serials and movies.

When you will read this book, you will learn how to relate a screenplay with social events. It means that you will learn how to include personal feelings in the screenplays.

In other words, it is the book to develop your personal growth as a writer. After reading this book, you can easily analyze certain situations in your life.

7. Writing Movies for Fun and Profit:

Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant are the writers of this book. The main focus of this book is on the movies that can generate money for you. That’s why it has become one of the best tools for filmmakers. Along with providing entertainment, this book is also fulfilling the educational needs of the writers.

After reading this book, you will feel more confident to write scripts and taking notes. You can also get enough confidence and skills to take notes while writing the script. You will also learn how to develop thick skin while writing screenplays. According to the writer of this book, if you have tact, you can easily cash the check.

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