Explore Evening Desert Safari with BBQ and Dance

Enjoy a Night of Dance a BBQ with Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Even though the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai was not always how it is now. That said, Dubai has changed a lot since then. With a versatile set of attractions in this city, it surely is one of the most famous tourist spots in recent times. While some people visit Dubai for authentic cuisine or sophisticated architecture, there is a lot more to Dubai than many people know yet.

Today, Dubai has some of the biggest and most elaborate sets of malls, fountains, restaurants, and even residential buildings. However, before the high rises, Dubai was mainly the land of deserts. Till today, there are vast lands of desert which host a number of fun and entertaining activities attracting people from all over the world.

The Desert Safari

Most of the desert safari Dubai deals you find online include more conventional activities like adventure sports. Here you can take part in many exciting activities like quad biking, fat tire biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and even hot air ballooning.

Although fun and exciting for some, such tightly packed routines can sometimes get hectic for most tourists; however, a typical evening desert safari takes care of that as well. Each of these deals comes in two safari timings, morning and evening.

Morning / Evening Safari

The morning safari is best suited to people who want to enjoy Dubai and get back to sightseeing in the city, the evening safari is best for people looking to experience Dubai’s night culture and heritage.

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What Does an Evening Desert Safari Package Include?

With the recent boom in Dubai’s tourism industry, travel agencies from all over the world are introducing desert safari Dubai deals appropriate for every type of tourist. If you are someone who likes a more chill evening, dwelling in the traditional attractions of Dubai, you are in luck.

While an evening desert safari package highlights the fun and adrenaline-filled activities you can do, it also includes perks for people who just want to relax.

Activities You Can Do

After a whole session of quad biking and dune bashing, you get taken back to a traditionally built Bedouin-style campsite, and this is where it gets better.

The campsite is in the heart of Dubai and complete with some of the more conventional activities in Dubai, like belly dancing and henna painting. You will be given tents to stay in for the night, and all other essentials are taken care of.

How to Enjoy Your Time at Bedouin?

At first, it might seem boring to flush the entire adrenaline pump and sit and relax in the desert. However, with time it grows on you. Sip on a cup of the world-famous Arabian Coffee while taking in the beauty of the night sky and the vast extent of the desert.

It is perfect for family, friends, and even couples looking to spend some quality time with each other. It takes close to an hour to reach the first destination from the meeting point, after which you can enjoy all the activities. Schedule the right time to enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset.

Fun Activities at Bedouin Campsite

At the Bedouin campsite, you can also enjoy relaxing activities like watching the Nashaat show or Tanoura dance, which are novel to Dubai’s culture.

Along with that, you can also indulge in getting Henna painting on your hands or enjoy a session of Shisha with your friends and other Arabians. That said, the main attraction of the evening is not the dance or the henna, but the food.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Happy Meal!

Enjoy the typical Arabian treats, including the finest Barbeque dishes you have ever tasted. There is a variety of barbeque food like Kebabs, Salads, Shawarma, and many others, fitting everyone’s individual palate.

With more time, the campsite eventually becomes a fun place to hang around and relax for your following day. The lights of the camp are turned off to set the perfect desert ambience, once the eating and entertainment activities are over. In this time, you can meditate, relax or even gaze at the starry night sky.

To Sum Up

Dubai is a very versatile place for tourists of all kinds. You can find adrenaline junkies as well as travellers looking for a refreshing time spending time together here. Along with that, the well-built infrastructure and the exquisite food palate of this city make the experience even more memorable.

It is best if you hire a professional travel agency to plan and book your trips. This not only takes away the hassle and stress but also makes for a better vacation. Given their experience, they will know which hotels are the closest and food stalls you should avoid.

That said, do thorough research before finalizing the company. Always make sure to compare the prices quoted along with the quality of services provided. This will not only make your decision a lot easier but also help you get the best service at the best price.

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