Summer Activities for Kids to Keep Them off the screen

The habits of spending all of one’s time in front of a screen—watching movies, playing online games, scrolling through social media—might appear to be entertaining, but they are a silent cause of health decline. Obesity in children, lethargy, mental health problems, cognitive retardation, and vision strains are all prevalent side effects of spending long periods of time in front of a screen. We’ve listed some fun, healthful summer activities for kids to keep them away from the television.

Participate in Sports

Getting your children involved in sports gives them a better vision—they will have a better physique, develop motor skills, gain sportsmanship, be able to have fun and enjoy themselves, and earn self-confidence. Winning the game by instilling a sense of gratitude in them. Games that are good for you;

Road Trips for Badminton

Take a vacation from social media by packing your cars and going on a road trip with your kids. It’s also a fun way to spend time with relatives.

Long-distance road journeys allow you to learn about diverse cultures while also giving you time to reflect on your life. Check out these 6 best kick scooter you can buy for your kids.

kick scooter for kids

Stories for Bedtime

Bedtime stories are another relaxing technique to keep kids away from their screens. This may appear to be an outdated manner of expressing concern for children, yet it still works in this day and age.

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Children develop the habit of listening, gaining moral lessons, being more attached to you, learning new things, and experiencing new things. The following are some well-known bedtime stories:

The Elephants and the Mice is a story about the friendship between elephants and mice. A love and friendship story about a dog and an elephant. A folk tale about Snow White and the Good Witch.

The Lonely Snowman is a story about friendship and family. A Japanese folktale about the Moon Rabbit The Blue Diamond’s Undersea Adventure—An Adventure for Six Friends.

These stories feature moral lessons for children, and you can read them at “tell-a-tale.”

Have Chores Assigned

Assigning children household jobs such as picking up items from their rooms, putting things away, or doing other small tasks will keep them away from screens. They become more disciplined in their life habits as a result of this.

Tip: If you want to keep your kids away from electronics, give them cheat days once or twice a month—this will give them a sense of accomplishment.

indoor games

Games for Boards

Board games date back to ancient times, and they are another active approach to keep children away from screens—they don’t become bored, and they are also responsible for improving their minds. The following are some well-known games:


This is for adolescents who comprehend strategic maneuvers and are at least 9 years old. At any given time, only two players can play at the same time. Because the game is based on the kingdom structure, it appeals to mature children.


This game improves vocabulary by requiring players to construct words on a board using small lettered tiles.


The monopoly indicates that a wealth-creating economy is preferable. The game teaches kids about economics, taxation, and other topics. The game is appropriate for children over the age of eight. You can learn how to play monopoly right here.

Snakes and Ladders

This is an old Indian game that can be played by two or more people. There are many numbered squares with ladders and snakes, and the movement of players’ pieces on the square is determined by rolling dice.


The twister is appropriate for children aged 6 and up; the game is not a traditional board game, but rather one that includes body movement and is played on a giant plastic bag.

Toys from the past

Gifting your kids the best Beyblade or “yoyo” in the world can frighten them away from technology, reviving the appeal of evergreen toys established for past generations. These toys are not only fun to play with, but they can also be used in several competitive Beyblade spinning events.


Gardening with your children has two significant benefits: it enhances the beauty of your yard and teaches your children to appreciate and respect nature. Planting a variety of plants, including vegetables, fruits, and flowers, is a good idea.

When you force your children to garden, make sure the plants you chose sprout early, as this will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride. Some seeds to plant in the summer


Plants that are larger in size can also add to the aesthetics of your yard. The height of giant sunflowers and lanky pole beans is amazing.

Jumping from a Rope

Rope jumping keeps your child’s athletic abilities and fitness up to date—the game has several variations and maybe played with multiple participants.

This is a fun exercise for senior fitness buffs; most people think of it as a girl’s game, but it actually originated as a man’s game in Egypt. Regardless of its origins, rope skipping, along with other board games or plays, can help keep children away from the television.

Children’s Swing Set

Swing sets in the garden, whether for toddlers or other children, engage your children in outdoor activities. Small swings for small yards can be installed in a variety of ways, making your garden a playhouse for your children. Also entertaining is the process of putting it in the garden.

Artistic pursuits

Engaging children in various arts encourages them to develop mentally and physically—every artistic practice encourages the child to be more creative in later life. There are a few artistic pursuits that can be beneficial;


Teaching your children to draw will improve their focus, communication skills with their parents, strategic thinking, and their mental stamina. Colour drawing is a good approach to start teaching children to draw.


To rekindle, every generation of this period is motivated by performing and theatre, but this activity may also be used to keep them occupied away from their screens. Also, you never know if your child will turn out to be a prodigy.


Bring them a canvas and some paints, and they’ll spend most of their time in it.

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