5 Best Guitars for Kids 2021

Music makes our existence better. When your kids have that natural interest in music, you cannot help but give them all the things they need to nurture it. If your kid has a passion for guitars, it is only right for you to select one for them. But with the range of choices available, it can become a little daunting to select the perfect one for your child. The instrument you select should not only satisfy your child now but should also help them develop their skills in the future.

Karyn Fong, the Director of Music school in Mississauga has provided a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect guitar for your kids. This is a simple yet very useful compilation of the best guitars you can buy in 2021.

Things to consider before choosing a guitar

  1. Guitar Size:

The size of a guitar plays a major role in selecting one for your kid. Because those small hands cannot wield a full-sized guitar and can make their learning process a lot tougher. Luckily, there are many size options available. The sizes vary as follows:

  1. ¼ Size: Suitable for age 3 – 6
  2. ½ Size: Suitable for age 5 – 8
  3. ¾ Size: Suitable for age 7 – 11
  1. Guitar Type:

The type of guitar you choose for your kids heavily depends on their preference. Some may like electric guitars and some may like acoustic guitars.

Although, the learning curve with an acoustic guitar is low when compared to normal ones. Most guitar instructors advise parents to go for an acoustic guitar due to the less price.

But electric guitars have their advantages too. You can control the volume of electric guitars. Meaning, your new learner will not be disturbing your nosy apartment neighbours.

However, if your kid wants it to be a loud acoustic guitar, it is best to buy one that aligns with their interest.

List of  5 Best Guitars for Kids 2021

  1. Yamaha JR1 FG Junior Acoustic Guitar

JR1 GuitarIf you are thinking about signing up your kid for professional guitar lessons, Mississauga, you should consider this guitar. You can rely on this product since this is from a well-recognized brand. Also, it is quite durable in comparison to its competitors.

The size is also perfect for kids who are starting guitar lessons in Mississauga for the first time. Furthermore, the guitar comes under the affordable price range and is also a long-term investment due to its standard size.

It has meranti back and sides, while the fingerboard and bridge are rosewood material. The main feature of this guitar is its outstanding sound quality. Also, the starter kit comes with Tuner, Picks, Gigbag, Strings, Winder, and Guitar Strap. The perfect way to start your kid’s music journey.

  1. Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar:

Your kid wants not just to be a guitarist, but a colorful one at that. If this is your case, you should choose this electric guitar that comes in a variety of colours.

mini strat electric guitar

Also, the guitar is quite comfortable to hold because of its curvy design. It is a standard ¾ sized guitar with a maple C-shaped top. The body is hardwood, which makes it quite durable for usage by kids.

Moreover, it has advanced volume controls that make it easy for midnight practice sessions as well. The starter kit comes with an amplifier, so you don’t need to worry about buying it separately.

  1. Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar:

rogue starter acoustic guitarIf you want to invest in a guitar and do not wish to upgrade it for a few years, this might be the best option for you. The budget-friendliness of this guitar is what attracts many parents and why many guitar instructors suggest it.

It is slightly bigger than the ¾ guitars. However, once your kid learns how to handle it properly, they can get used to the professional model in no time.

It contains a rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and Martin strings. On top of all this, it is one of the most affordable options in this category.

  1. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar:

little-martin-series-LX1This is one of the most suitable guitars for kids. But it is very popular that it costs a little extra than the others. They look and feel very premium, and they are also very lightweight.

Making it suitable for kids. It comes in ¾ size with a solid Sitka spruce top.

Moreover, for the price you pay, it comes with an all-inclusive starter kit. So it is worth the money because of its quality, durability, and longevity.

  1. Hohner HAG250P ½ Sized Classical Guitar:

hag250p 1/2 sized classical guitarUnlike other guitars in the list, this one is a half-sized one, suitable for smaller music aspirants. It has better tones than many kid-scale models in the market.

Another feature that stands out is the child-safe nylon strings. These nylon strings make it easy for new learners to start without using a pick.

There are so many internal braces to keep the material intact in case of accidental bumps on the way to their guitar lessons Mississauga.


Before diving into all of this, you must ask your kid which type of guitar they truly like. It is quite tough for kids to grow their abilities with something that they do not like. Hence, your little learner’s wishes are what comes first. Virtual or In-Person Lessons are also available following COVID-19 Health and Safety Compliant.

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