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How to Keep Your Food Safe from Squirrels While Camping

Are you new to camping and are preparing for your upcoming trip? There are many different things you should learn before camping, and one of them is how to keep your camping food safe from hungry critters – one of them being squirrels.

To learn about in order to squirrel proof your campsite, keep reading. In this guide, we will let you in on some tips and tricks that can help you keep your food safe on your outdoor trip so that you can continue to be one happy camper.

Store Your Food in Your Vehicle

One of the most simple ways to squirrel proof your campsite is to make sure food is out of reach by storing it in your vehicle. If you have parking access that is close to your campsite, this can be a convenient option. You can just bring your cooler out when you are using it and store it when you are not to rest assured that your food is safe from critters while you sleep or go on afternoon adventures.

However, if you are camping in an area with a high bear population, you may want to rethink this storage option. While this method will keep squirrels out, bears can still smell food that is inside your vehicle and may try to crawl their way in. This could cause damage to your vehicle.

How to Keep Squirrels Away

If you’re in an area with bears, it is recommended that you tie your cooler up high where bears cannot reach it. To keep squirrels out with this method, make sure your cooler is securely sealed using cords or rope. A great tool for keeping your cooler closed up is to use ratchet tie-down straps.

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These straps are a durable option that pests like squirrels, raccoons, and other animals will not be able to chew and snap to get into your cooler. This can work for any kind of cooler so that you don’t have to worry about buying an expensive heavy-duty locked cooler. However, if you are in an area that does not have bears, storing food in your car is a sure-fire method to keep squirrels out of your campsite snacks.

Bring it Inside

Whether you have a tent or a camper, bringing your cooler inside with you at night can be a good way to keep it out of the reach of squirrels and other critters. This can be a good option if your vehicle is parked somewhere that is not accessible to your campsite. If you don’t have room inside your tent, you might consider buying a mini tent where you can store your cooler and your other camping supplies to allow for a more spacious sleeping situation.

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Squirrel Safe: Camping Food Saftey Tips

Don’t lose your camping fuel to a hungry squirrel and its friends. Instead, use one of the food safety methods above to make sure your food is just for you and your camping buddies.

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