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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Methods

Ever wondered about the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing? While both of these terms have the same end results, the impact is usually different in terms of various factors.  If you are an entrepreneur or a company’s marketing head, it becomes important for you to understand whether in this article we have discussed some points that differentiate Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing methods.  To begin with, Digital Marketing is done by social media applications or websites whereas Traditional Marketing is done by using newspapers, magazines, etc.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing was once the only form of marketing known to companies. Before the technology or social media applications arrived, companies used to promote their products using channels like newspapers, magazines, etc. Newspapers and magazines were preferred above all. As millions of people read newspapers, etc. daily, promoting a product through them was always helpful.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing rose to fame soon after various applications and digital media came into focus. If you use social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Connected India, etc., you must have seen different advertisements of products and services. This is what we call Digital Marketing. Companies are now using these applications and websites to promote their brands as these channels have a wide reach.

If you are a business owner or a marketing head, you must be wondering what kind of marketing is best for you. There is no particular answer to this question. It all depends on your goals. Both of these methods are good and are effective. It is not necessary to use just one form of marketing. You can use both modes of marketing.

Which Is Best For You?

If you are confused between choosing Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing methods, here is a solution. The combination of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing is the best option. Both of these methods play an important role in promoting products and services. These methods have the capability to elevate a company’s brand value in the consumer market.

However, if you wish to know the differences between these two methods, they are:


While both marketing strategies are effective and have a wide reach, Digital Marketing is a much better option if you wish to convey your message to millions of people at a single time. Whereas, in the case of newspapers and magazines, there are chances that the readers might not read it and they might not receive their copies on time.

Cost Of Marketing

As compared to traditional forms of marketing, Digital Marketing is much more cost-effective. You need to print a separate copy or advertisement a thousand times for thousands of people. You just need to post on a social media platform or website where already millions of people are connected.


Traditional Marketing might take some time for the consumer to take action, i.e. to make a purchase, buy a product or a service. This is because a person would first read the advertisement, make his mind, and plan to take action. There are chances he might forget to order the product or service after keeping his newspaper aside. Whereas in the case of Digital Marketing, people can read, analyze, decide, and place an order for the product, all in one place.


You might have observed that most of these points reflected the advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing. It does not mean that traditional marketing is not effective. If a company is able to come up with a creative idea while using traditional forms of marketing, it could enjoy amazing results, even more than Digital Marketing.

However, the best way to achieve more results is by using a combination of both forms of marketing. It would allow you to cover not just the audience active on digital platforms, but also those people who are much more inclined towards using newspapers and magazines.

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