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Which Sprinkler Heads Is Right for Your Garden Lawn

Choosing the right Sprinkler Heads can Lavish your Lawn

Sprinkler heads are important to keep your lawn fresh and irrigated. The right sprinkler head can make a world of difference in your backyard. There are several options for lawn sprinkler heads that provide the right water to nourish each corner of your backyard. The best sprinkler heads for large and small lawns have specific characteristics that make them perfect for the yard.

And if you need sprinkler head repairs in Jacksonville, FL, it is better to consult a professional than doing it yourself. There are several factors that come into action while choosing a sprinkler head. You can’t just go to the store and ask for one.

There are different sprinkler head types that are made to meet distinct sprinkler requirements. These factors play an important role when deciding which sprinkler head is best for you. Some of them include –

  • Water pressure – The water pressure for any sprinkler should always be 40 psi. Anything less than that and you should switch to sprays or rotary nozzles.
  • Area size – If the area is larger than 30”x30”, it is suggested to move to a rotary instead of a sprinkler as it has a wider reach.
  • Curved borders – If the lawn has curved borders that need to be sprayed then a rotor is amazing. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spray that area, then lawn sprinkler heads are perfect.
  • Trees & shrubs outside lawn – If there are few areas that have shrubs and trees that need to be watered outside the lawn, then drip irrigation systems are perfect.
  • A number of sprinkler heads – You must also identify the number of heads and sprinkler head types you will need to install in your lawn for the proper spread of water.

Now that we understand the different factors that can help us determine the best sprinkler heads for large and small lawns, we will move on to the types of sprinkler heads for a clear understanding.

Sprinkler Heads Types

Selecting a Perfect Sprinkler Heads for your Lawn

There’s no one-size-fits-all sprinkler head system. There are different sprinkler head types that can help in the proper irrigation of the lawn. If you already have sprinkler installed, but need repair, you can contact JohnnysTurf.

Among the several benefits of having a sprinkler system at residential or commercial place is that it can cover large areas with limited effort on your side. – says CEO at Johnny’sTurf.com

The sprinkler heads also enable you to conveniently water the entire lawn without any compromise. Here are the multiple types of sprinkler heads for your lawn –

1. Rotary Sprinkler Heads

As the name suggests, rotary heads move in a circular 360-degree motion to sprinkle water all over the lawn. Whether you live in windy areas or sunny regions, rotary sprinkler heads are perfect for every season as they provide complete nourishment to the entire part of the lawn.

Most rotary sprinklers are preferred when the water pressure is more than 30 psi. The nozzle is perfect for any medium-sized yard as it provides broad coverage without any chances of runoff.

One thing that people should know is that rotary heads deliver water much slower than spray heads. The good thing is that rotary heads work perfectly fine in windy areas as they provide water instead of spraying mist like the spray heads.

2. Spray Heads

The next type of sprinkler that might need sprinkler head repairs often is the spray head. It’s perfect for small or medium-sized lawns. They spray a small mist of water.

It works well in places where the water pressure is between 20 psi to 30 psi. Since the water pressure is low and the spray only takes place in patterns of water, each spray head should never be placed more than 15ft from the other.

However, spray heads do not move in a circular motion like the rotary heads. They are also more susceptible to windy areas. The design is simple and elegant but they lack a little bit of durability.

3. Bubblers

One of the emerging types of lawn sprinkler heads is bubblers. These are some of the best sprinkler heads for large trees and shrubs that require watering at some specific part.

These heads provide a lot of water in a specific area, which creates a sort of pool and muddle of water. Trees and plants absorb the water, the sprinkler ensures that water is sprinkled anywhere apart from the trees.

Sprinklers are installed under growing plants that have the most chances of growth.  But instead of installing a lot of bubblers, companies recommend using a landscape irrigation system.


These three sprinkler head types are the most prominent options for sprinkler heads. You can install any kind of sprinkler head or get a sprinkler head replacement depending on the requirements of your lawn.

If you want to water more, then rotary heads are perfect. But if you want to give a good shape to a specific piece of grass, then spray heads are awesome. Also

When you need to nourish a tree with the right amount of water, then bubblers are the best choice you have. The right sprinkler head depends on whether you want to focus more on watering the lawn or improving its growth.

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