7 Top-Rated Beaches in Los Angeles, CA

It should not come as a surprise that SoCal (Southern California) is famous for sun, sand and beautiful surf. Apart from this if you don’t like walking on the beach, they can enjoy with steamer and boats. The heart of surfer culture offers you a large number of top-rated beaches in Los Angeles along the Golden Coast.

With many different activities to explore in this place really difficult but when you visit this place with your family and friends. You can enjoy a lot of different activities and games that make your day more amazing.

Importantly, it can be difficult to choose just one destination from this list. So do you want to catch some waves, explore underwater rocks or just relax and soak up some rays? There are many other things to see and explore for you so book your Air Canada Airlines Reservations for this trip.


Here are the Top-Rated Beaches in Los Angeles, CA to dip your toe in the Pacific.

1. Surfrider Beach

Surfrider Beach is a popular place to catch some waves in Malibu, as the name itself suggests. This is really a popular sea waves spot for the visitors so they can enjoy the sea waves when they touch their feet. This was actually replaced by “Malibu Lagoon State Beach” and in October 2010 it was dedicated as the first world-surfing reserve.

There are 3 primary surfing areas to explore the first point, which is popular with longboarders. The second point used for high-performance surfing. The third point In August and September, catch a south hilarity and ride all the way to the pier.

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2. Venice Beach

If you are looking for a different experience for sand, sea waves, and other sea-related things this is one of the best beaches in Los Angeles for you. Then you need to avoid Venice Beach because people do not come here for these purposes. Venice Beach is like a 3-ring circus, with fun, food, and games so you can come to enjoy these things.


The carnival-like atmosphere also makes it a great place for people to see and enjoy nature. There are many activities like Biking, walking and sightseeing are also popular activities of this place. Make sure you should visit at the right time because the parking lot fills up quickly.

3. El Matador State Beach

If your playing for dating to starts your life with someone then El Matador is the best place for you to spend a good time. This beach smaller and usually less crowded than some of the more popular destinations such as the beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. So you can spend private time with your loved one full of silence and no disturbances.

The cozy atmosphere is complemented by numerous caves and sea caves that are ripe for exploration. A walk on the beach at sunset can cause a shortage of water in your feet and will make it hardest for the heart.

4. Leo Carillo State Beach With Children

This beach is 1.5 miles long which is full of many activities that encourage you a lot to do. These are swimming, surf, fish, windsurf or beach comb to your heart’s content. There are also pools, caves and rocks waiting for exploration you can also take many pictures with your mobile phone.

The adjacent park offers camping under some great trails for biking and hiking. Its natural beauty has made it popular with photographers and you can take many instagramable pictures. There are many films and TV shows that have been filmed there, including Grease and Inception.

5. Santa Monica Beach

Located next to the Santa Monica Pier you can walk with a classic strip of sand that combines the best of Venice Beach with traditional beach walks. There is no shortage of food or leisure including rides like the Ferris wheel and games.


Those who want to kick back in their life will find a beautiful sandy beach and spectacular surf. The more ambitious can try their hand at activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

6. Zuma Beach

Follow the highway north of Will Rogers State Park and you will reach Zuma Beach for your wonderful trip. As it is one of the northernmost beaches in the LA area you can reach here with Spirit Airlines Telefono anytime. It is the perfect place for beach lovers who want to get away from the crowds on the big beaches.

This hidden gem of the beach offers a calmer, more tranquil environment with a chance to see dolphins in the sea. It is worthful for you to take a drive, even if the water is a bit cold.

7. Newport Beach

Newport Beach is just 44 miles from Los Angeles, CA. These beaches are best known for luxury yacht charters Newport Beach. There are several yacht rentals service providers you can book a yacht for cruising.


Lookout at the 7 Top-Rated beaches in Los Angeles, CA that we have discussed on this blog for you. This will help you to save your time and money to explore the different things and make your trip money enjoyable. With the help of this blog, you can also reach all must-visit beaches without any hassle.

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