What Does Invisalign Package Include?

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is a set of transparent dental aligners that help in straightening the misaligned set of teeth by realigning them. Being different than the braces they are not attached to the teeth, and can be remove whenever the person wishes to. However it is advisable that the aligners should not be removed now and then unnecessarily.

This is used as an alternative for braces as most people do not wish to wear braces. However, Invisalign can only cure mild orthodontic cases and the complex cases can be cured with braces and nothing else.

What does the whole process of Orthodontic Treatment include?

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign does not include the transparent aligners only. It includes a full dental check-up, consultation with the doctor regarding the treatment preference, thorough dental cleaning and then going for an orthodontic cleaning. These steps are the most important steps before going for a successful orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Consultation with Dentist

The first procedure of this treatment includes a consultation with the dentist. This is the most important consultation for a patient who is going to seek orthodontic treatment.

The person here talks about the difficulties that he experiences due to the orthodontic treatment. The dentist will then give a thorough dental check-up to that person and take an X-ray to notice the problem.

The structure of the teeth which will help the dentist to determine the severity of the case and the type of treatment that is suitable for that person. In this consultation, the people can also discuss their payment procedure according to their comfort.

Teeth Scanning

The next procedure includes the scanning of the whole set of teeth. This procedure helps in determining the structure of the teeth and the type of treatment that is suitable and calculates the exact date for the result to come out.

Hygienist’s involvement

The next one includes a hygienist’s involvement. The hygienist cleans the teeth thoroughly before starting the orthodontic treatment as it is necessary to have this treatment on clean teeth for better results. The cleaning of teeth here helps in maintaining dental hygiene.

Teeth Impressions

The next step includes taking impressions of the teeth. To make the aligners fit perfectly, it is important to take impressions of the teeth.

This impression was first taken with a sticky substance known as “alginate” but now all the impressions are taken by scanning the teeth now. This scan also creates a 3D image display to determine the structure of the teeth.

Next Dentist Checkups

In the whole course of treatment, there are a lot of check-ups involved which helps the dentist in determining the progress of the Invisalign treatment.

These are quite essential checkups, as some changes on the teeth or the aligners are made to help in the progress of the treatment.

Emergency Appointments

There are also emergency appointments made in case the person loses or somehow gets his aligners broken. These emergency appointments get the person a new set of aligners and some advice for his dental and orthodontic health.

After Treatment

People who want teeth whitening are advised to go for this process at the end of the Invisalign treatment as it would be more effective on the newly formed aligned set of teeth.

But there are people who wish to go for this procedure in between the treatment. Teeth shaping is also included in the packages. This procedure helps people to get their preferred teeth shape.

This procedure is not essential as it only serves as a luxury purpose. Teeth whitening process comes under the essential processes, as it cleans the teeth and helps in maintaining dental hygiene.

Though the teeth whitening process may not be done on a regular basis as it destroys the upper layer of the teeth making the teeth more sensitive it is an essential process. A person should keep these things in mind before forming his quote.


For more details, one can have a look for the best Invisalign treatment and decide the way of forming their quote.

A person should have proper knowledge about every single treatment procedure and the additional non-essential procedures for making the results look more spectacular and pocket-friendly. To get a orthodontic guidance and questions answered, patient can consult an expert.

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