Modern DIY Date Night Hairstyles 2021

Are you planning for a date night with the man of your dreams? Has he asked you out for a date? Are you thinking about how to impress him? Well, you need to worry about a clean outfit and a new hairstyle.  About the hair, men prefer loose and airy hairstyles with light waves or cute curls. Or you can go with sweet-modest date night hairstyles like straight hair and elegant updos.

Whether you are going to a park or a fancy restaurant, these ten hairstyles will make him fall into you! Some of these hairstyles may seem complicated, but relax; they are the modern DIY styles. You don’t have to go to the hair salon nearby; gather the primary styling products, and you are good to go on a date for 2021!

10 Easy DIY Date Night Hairstyles

  • Cascading Beach Waves

Beach waves are easy to achieve at home by yourself than other curly hairstyles. You can achieve a lovely and natural wavy hairstyle for date night by using a curling wand.

Apply heat guard to your natural hair and curl your hair by wrapping small sections to the barrel of the curling wand. The cascading beach waves will bring out a romantic vibe for your date night.

  • Voluminous Puffy Curls

Voluminous curls are not only a top hairstyle trend for 2021, but they’re also a lot of fun and easy to create. Curling your hair is the best DIY hairstyle because nothing can go wrong.

Even some mistake comes out as a new look! You can do it however you want!

Curling into puffy coils and gently brushing it out with a wide-toothed comb adds hair volume girls.

  • The Fishtail Braid

A sleek fishtail braid is a perfect way to wear a gorgeous date night hairstyle without using heat! Fishtail braids are a simple and elegant way to style your hair. Many celebrities wear the sleek fishtail braid at special events.

Part your hair into two parts; take a small section of hair from the right side and cross it over to the left.

Then take a similar-sized section of hair from the left side and pass it over to the right. Continue this pattern down your hair until a beautiful fishtail pattern forms.

easy date night hairstyles

  • The Wavy Loose Updo

The wavy updo is the perfect DIY hairstyle for a date night. Make a low ponytail with your natural hair for this look. Then create voluminous waves to your hair after applying heat protectant.

Finally, pin the curls into place on the back of your head into a bun. This style will take some time and practice to master, but the result is stunning.

The tousled silk tie makes the updo look so much better. Wrap a colourful silk tie around the bun to amplify the look of your wavy bun.

  • Space Buns for Date Night

cute date night hairstylesSpace buns are a modern alternative for a cute date night hairstyle for those with medium to long hair. To achieve this look, part your hair down the middle and brush it through thoroughly.

Make two pigtails on either side of your head with a styling brush. Then, make a bun on either side of your head by twisting the hair around the base of each pigtail.

Your date night hairstyle is complete once you’ve pinned each bun in place.

  • The High Ponytail

This look is the simplest of all to wear for date night 2020. Brush your hair and tie it into a high ponytail. A colourful scrunchies can add a lot of romantic feelings to your date night!

Try wearing this sexy ponytail with one hidden hack to be extra sleek and posh to fit this romantic atmosphere. Make it look pompous and fluffy by incorporating soft waves or curls.

  • The Half-up half-down

This simple half-up, half-down hairstyle achieves the sophisticated look for a date night. The idea of the half up half down style is the same for both long and short hair.

To wear a half-up, half-down look, gently pull the top part of your hair up towards your crown and secure it. There are many ways to secure half-up; ponytail, braids or buns). Simple half-up braids can achieve an intricate look.

  • The Messy Bun

The messy bun can be an influential date night hairstyle that doesn’t look complicated but still shows your extraordinary fashion taste. It can bring out a lovely environment between you and your man.

For this style, you want to appear funky and stylish without looking like you just got out of bed!

Add curls and waves to your messy bun for an extra-stylish look, and leave out some wavy strands in the front to frame your face.

  • The Date Night Fringe

Styling your fringe is one of the cutest and softest ways to brim your date night with a smile and love. Fringes can soften your features and make you appear more natural and decent.

So, why should you try some new hairstyles with bangs when many men prefer decent women? With a neat-fashionable outfit and a soft fringe, you can have the best date night of your life.

  • The Sweet Pixie Cut

Short hair can be tricky to pull off fabulous hairstyles for date night. However, there are amazing tricks to make you look gorgeous with short hair in front of your man.

A sweet pixie cut with shiny short tresses can make you glamorous. You will need a shine and anti-static spray to keep your pixie cut super-sweet.

A pair of earrings and an off-shoulder black outfit can accentuate your beauty for the night.

Don’t worry about what hairstyle to wear on the date night! Men can have different tastes in women and their styles, but as long as you know how to pair up your hairstyle with an outfit, you will do great.

You can do this with the simplest hair solution; hair extensions. This list of new hairstyles is super-easy to try at home, and you can achieve whatever look you want for date night 2021; natural, tender, romantic, or cute look!

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