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How to Make The Air Conditioner Run More Efficiently?

Since an air conditioner could account for more than half of your energy expenditure, especially during summer. According to Air Duct Sanitizing in Norcross, homeowners can do few things to help their AC unit run more efficiently.

Signs Your HVAC Air-conditioning System may not be Operating Efficiently.

You may be experiencing the following signs that can be classified as problems.

Increased System Costs or Utility Costs

Most homeowners consider this a regular thing during the summertime. In most cases, it is a good idea to have your system inspected or cleaned either by yourself or by hiring Air Duct Cleaning in Norcross services.

Frequent Cycling of AC System

A thermostat is a brain behind your AC System. It can be a cause, your system not working correctly. If the thermostat starts its cycle more frequently, it may indicate that it needs cleaning or replacement. Here, instead of your thermostat, your compressor may also be having issues.

Ice Buildup on the Compressor

Sometimes ice can start building up on your AC unit due to a leak in the coolant line, which remains undetectable unless you call a professional like Air Duct Sanitizing in Norcross service. Another cause can be if there is damage to your coils. Here, a dirty filter could also be the cause of the problem.

Unusual Sounds in AC System

Since every home appliance has its unique sound, an air conditioner is no different. If you notice anything unusual, shut everything down and call a professional to have it checked.

Ways to Increase HVAC Air Conditioner Efficiency Effectively

Here are few things that you can do to improve your unit’s efficiency.

  • Unblocking and Cleaning Your Vents

Keeping your vents or ducts free from debris is a sure way to boost the efficiency of your air conditioner. You can walk around the house to check vents or ducts that may need cleaning. You may also consider hiring a professional Air Duct Cleaning in Norcross.

If you dust or vacuum regularly, your vents may still be blocked by blinds, rugs, toys, or furniture. So make sure each vent is clear.

  •  Close and Cover All the Doors and Windows

The conditioned air in your home may escape outside quite easily if your door to the room or windows are left open. So it’s better to keep them close for efficient working of your AC unit.

  •  Clean Around and Shade the Condenser Unit Outside

The outdoor unit is the central part of your AC system other than your thermostat. For its effective functioning, it should be clean and free from any debris. Cleaning the condenser can be tricky and may require the services of Air Duct Sanitizing in Norcross.

  • Saving Thermostat from All heat-producing Appliances

Installing your thermostat next to a sunny window, a lamp or some other heat-producing appliance, a thermostat can malfunction or stop working altogether. A certified HVAC technician knows never to install a thermostat near an area exposed to heat.

  •  Fix Any Air Leaks around Your Home

Air leaks are also another cause that can lead to inefficiency or AC systems. Inspect your home to find any leaks that can usually be present in the attic, around windows and under your doors. These leaks can reduce the cool air distribution around your home, resulting in overconsumption of AC units and increased utility costs.

  • Changing Temperature on Your Thermostat

During summer and winter, changing the thermostat temperature can help save both energy and money. Here, a programmable thermostat is very helpful. Adjustment of about five to eight degrees, increase in summer and decrease in winter can help your air conditioner run more efficiently.

  •  Clear the Drain Line

There is a drain line next to the system’s indoor cooling coil, or it may be located over your furnace in the basement. Either way cleaning the drain line can also improve the air conditioner system’s efficiency. You can always use the help of a professional Air Duct Cleaning in Norcross service to clean your drain line.

However, homeowners can clean it easily by pouring one cup of chlorine bleach down the AC drain and rinsing it with water to reduce clogging. Ensure the drain lines are not buried under dirt, making it better to vacuum and clean them out.

  •  Insulate Ductwork and Changing AC Filter

Ductwork, in some cases, can be exposed, usually in the attic or in a crawl space under your home. There might be a leak that can cause the AC system not to work correctly and leave part of your home unconditioned. You can quickly check it yourself or get a professional to inspect and fix the leakage and insulate the ducts properly using quality and professional-grade materials.

Dirty air filters can reduce airflow and quality of the air inside your home, which makes the job of your AC unit difficult that will lead to problems later. Hiring a professional Air Duct Sanitizing in Norcross can help if you are unsure if your air filters need changing since most consultations are free of cost.

  • Avoid Extensive Use of Your Oven or Dryer

During scorching days in summer, try to avoid using a hairdryer or your oven or both. Extensive use of these appliances will result in warm air being circulated in your home. It will make the AC system work harder to compensate for the surge of warmth resulting in increased utility costs.

 Ignore Registers for Temperature Control and Install a Zoning system

Some rooms have registers that you might use to control the temperature in your room, which is a bad idea. It will be affecting your cooling and put an additional strain on your AC system resulting in severe damage over time. Instead, consider installing a zoning system in your room that can increase the efficiency of your AC system.

Hiring services like Air Duct Cleaning in Norcross, you can provide professional care to your air-conditioned to increase its efficiency.

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