How customer loyalty helps the fuel delivery business?

Attached to environmentally friendly energies and fuels, do you use domestic fuel oil to heat yourself and want to fill your fuel oil tank, your tanks or your cisterns before the onset of winter? Schedule your refuelling with our expert energy company in fuel delivery that comes to your home to deliver the quantity you need.

Customer loyalty in the fuel delivery business

Whether it is oil for professionals, fuel oil, diesel, GNR, on-demand fuel delivery service provides within a radius of 50 km around Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, in Haute-Garonne, and in the department’s neighbours.

Fuel delivery drivers, transport professionals, assure you delivery as soon as possible by tanker truck (on your site, gas station or another place of work) while respecting the safety rules related to our activity.

In order to respond to any request, fuel delivery services strive to choose the best petroleum products for you, work with modern equipment and put all their skills to work to satisfy you.

Diesel for all engines

Are you looking for Unleaded 95 or Unleaded 98 for gasoline engines, or regular diesel or high-quality diesel fuel for diesel engines? Professionals as well as individuals, whatever your fuel needs, they deliver it to you!

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GNR: Non-Road Diesel

Do you want to supply yourself with Diesel or Non-Road Diesel (GNR) fuel for your agricultural machine, your forestry machine or your public works machine? Order from the on-demand delivery solution and have it delivered.

The equation is simple: there are fewer and fewer gas stations in Europe, but there are still just as many cars that need to be refuelled. Since 2014, 300 stations have closed. And it is far from over since from 2020, a gas station will not be able to be less than 13 meters from a building according to a new European rule.

Today, supermarkets already represent more than 60% of fuel sales, a share that will probably grow in the years to come. There remain the inhabitants of cities for whom it is increasingly difficult to find a gas station.

Several start-ups have felt the right niche

The idea is simple: since motorists have trouble finding fuel, why not deliver it to them, just as we deliver fuel oil. The on-demand fuel delivery system has worked very well in the United States for several years.

The pioneer in France is called on-demand fuel delivery. The service was introduced just over a year ago. It is aimed at individuals but above all at companies which manage fleets of cars.

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Fuel delivery services like Pomp signs a contract and comes to his parking lot to directly fill the tanks of the cars. The same principle applies to Thankyou, which launched in April 2017 by first targeting companies, in Paris Lille and now Lyon.

It has used up 800,000 litres of fuel in one year. It has just opened up to individuals. Then it was created in Paris and its inner suburbs. And last arrived Refuel, which only delivers in Ile-de-France and only diesel, for the moment, especially for companies.

How does it work?

Choose your on-demand fuel delivery app, register and order online, indicating where the car is parked. No need to wait for the delivery man, just leave the hatch ajar. And we pay online. These startups sell the fuel at the same price as the stations but they buy it in bulk at negotiated prices.

This is where they make their living. You will be charged a flat rate for delivery, which may vary depending on the urgency of your request. After that, it is the services that make the difference. Some accept delivery to underground car parks, others not.

The principle is simple. Thanks to the smartphone application, you locate, identify and describe your vehicle and its needs. The operator passes within 1 to 3 hours with a portable tank.

The only drawback is to leave the fuel filler open and park on the public road. The economic model of wholesale purchased allow customers not to pay a higher price than at the pump. By adding few euros for their service, the delivery men can clean the windows for you!

Other fuel delivery business benefits

Fuel delivery service like Gaston checks the tire pressure and cleans the windshield while he delivers. And for an additional fee, he performs other small operations. In future, connected cars will control the fuel on their own when the fuel tank is empty.

Fewer service stations in rural areas, laziness and mobile application. A cocktail that results in the emergence of American companies, deliver fuel to homes, offices, shopping centers wherever you want.

They are called Purple, WeFuel or Booster Fuels. American applications that allow individuals to have their full tank of fuel delivered wherever they want. Or how once again technology comes to meet the customer by freeing itself from established codes. Is it any coincidence that WeFuel is based around Palo Alto?

For the time being, these home fuel delivery start-ups are concentrating their activity on relatively narrow geographic areas. The fault of a nascent business, but in strong growth.

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