Dos & Don’ts When You Decide to Buy Dogs Online

Many dog lovers face this dilemma – “Should I adopt or buy a dog online?” The answer to this question is that you can safely buy dogs online if you are careful, avoid the pitfalls and buy from verified online sellers. Buying puppies or dogs online can be a fun experience and not a fraudulent one if the dog buyers are sure of the credentials of the online seller.

The Dos and Don’ts When You Buy Dogs Online

There are breeders or sellers out there who are looking to make money and don’t care about the welfare of the dogs. Online platforms allow them to practice fraud activities and scam pet lovers when they are opting to buy dogs online.

It leaves a question for pet buyers – “From where to buy dogs safely?” For pet buyers, it is important to be educated and research before you decide where to buy dogs safely. Grazill, an online marketplace to buy and sell pets with verified sellers, has listed some important dos and don’ts for a safe online buying of dogs and pets alike.


If you are planning to buy dogs or puppies online, these are some of the Do’s that can help you!

  • Do make sure that the pet seller has been verified by the website with proper background checks to avoid any scams.
  • Identify a good breeder when you decide to buy dogs online.
  • Do in-depth research on the reputable breeders and what they are charging for particular breeds you are looking for. Don’t get lured into heavy discount offers and be wary of remarkably low prices.
  • Upload the photograph of the dog or puppy you are looking to buy on Google and do a reverse image search. If you find a similar image on multiple sites, you are probably with a fraudulent seller. Alternatively, you can copy the description, and do a web search also to know if the pet description is picked from some other website.
  • When you decide to buy dogs online, do a quick search on the seller’s email address and website to know if the person has been consistently receiving bad reviews. You can also check whether the seller’s name is in the watchdog list of potential scammers.
  • There are reports suggesting that the majority of online pet scams occur with people who are teenagers or in their early 20s. You should warn your kids or grandkids on being cautious before making online pet deals.
  • It is best advised for you to visit the breeder before making the online purchase of the pet. If the breeder is from nearby local areas, one should definitely visit.
  • Do make sure that you get a proper contract done before making a payment. The contract should have details like the health condition of your puppy during the time of purchase, information about spaying or neutering the puppy, payment details and others.

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Listed below are some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided for having a safe online purchase of dogs.

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  • Do not buy the dog if the asking price is surprisingly low or far below the prevalent rate
  • When a seller insists on shipping the pet and repeatedly turns down requests or makes excuses to meet in person, then that seller is a potential scammer.
  • Do not get carried away by authentic-looking social media pages or websites. Scammers have this tendency to copy images, text, videos and even testimonials from other popular websites.
  • Never make a deal with a seller who is unwilling to share contact details like phone number, address etc.
  • Never buy from a seller who insists on having email communication only.
  • Don’t deal with a seller who demands payments through money transfer, gift card or a prepaid debit card. Prefer making payment through credit cards, which gives far superior security for any financial transactions.
  • Don’t get scared by the seller’s threats about facing criminal charges if the payment is not done instantly.
  • Avoid the seller who has a dubious email address and not generally used words or names. Emails from such sellers also have lots of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Don’t buy the dog if you can’t meet the seller in person or has unverified details on the website.

Pet enthusiasts always wonder – “Should I adopt or buy a dog online?” Buying a puppy or dog online can be safer if the website has authentic credentials, contact information, and recent updates. If you have decided to buy dogs online, make sure you do a bit of research and do not fall for online scammers.

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