Annular Cutter: For Precision Drilling on Hard Metals

Different Types of Annular Cutters

DIC is a leading Annular Cutter Manufacturer in India. It is used in Metal Manufacturing industries, Heavy Industries, and Mechanical processing industries. Annular Cutter is also known as Core Drill, Broach Cutter. A hole Saw is a form of core drill used to create holes in metal. Customer satisfaction and quality of tools are our prime focus. The cutters supplied by us are available at reasonable market prices.

TCT Annular Cutters

Also called a Core Drill or  Broach Cutter. Mainly used in metal manufacturing industries, heavy industries, and mechanical processing industries. These Cutters are specially designed to drill very hard materials.

TCT Annular Cutter is a form of Core Drill frequently used to create holes in metal. Annular cutters are available in various cutting depths and shanks depending on usage which includes Weldon shank, one-touch shank and so on. The multi-cut geometry design of the cutter results in increased chip removal.

Annular Cutter Set

These Sets contain multiple bits for making holes in various diameters. The Cutters help in keeping the toolkit organized and free of loose bits.

The Annular Cutter Set in HSS and Carbide in all sizes are available. The Set contains 6 piece sets and 10 piece sets with one pilot pin. DIC Annular Cutters feature unique tooth geometry and provide clean cutting at a fast feed rate.

TCT Rail Cutters

Specially made for cutting rail tracks, these Rail Cutters are specified to drill the world’s toughest trail track. These Annular Cutters are mainly produced on modern CNC-controlled grinding centres.

It is also available in various drill depths to pierce through heavy rail metal grades. TCT Rail Cutters are supplied in various Shank Types and cutting depths.

HSS Rail Cutters

DIC HSS Rail Cutters are equipped with high-precision Weldon shanks. It is suitable for arbour connectors with two-point perpendicular positioning. These annular cutters are also appropriate for machining fine-grained steels and rustproof materials.

This Cutter is made from high-performance power metallurgy high-speed steel. The Cutter has a longer lifespan for drilling steel rails. Moreover, it is suitable for all kinds of steel rail drilling machines.

Annular Cutter
HSS Annular Cutter, TCT Annular Cutter, Rail Cutters manufacturers and Suppliers

TCT Annular Cutters with Weldon Shank

Also called TCT Broach Cutter or TCT core bit, TCT hole saw. This cutter is suitable for drill machines.

It is made from a special Tungsten Carbide that reduces the damage of tips and better endurance. TCT Annular Cutter is available in various cutting depths and shanks depending on their usage. Various Shanks include Weldon Shank, One Touch Shank, Fein Shank and so on.

TCT Annular Cutter with One Touch Shank

DIC is a Manufacturer & Supplier of TCT Annular Cutter with One Touch Shank in India which cuts holes in the steel accurately and safely.

This cutter is made from high-grade Tungsten Tipped Carbide material which is acquired from reliable vendors in the market and provides long-term performance. Many cut geometry designs result in increased chip removal and less resistance.

TCT Annular Cutter with Fein Shank

Manufacturer of TCT Annular Cutter with Fein Shank. These Cutters drill holes 3 times faster than twist drills.

Fein Shank Annular Cutter is suitable for various materials with high speed. All Annular Cutters are supplied in standard and non-standard sizes as required by customers.

TCT Annular Cutters with Thread Shank

It has unique types of geometry and random-space tips. It provides clear-cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface.

The effectiveness of drilling with thread shank is much better and quicker than the common drills. The cutter diameter is 12mm-100mm.

TCT Annular Cutters with Universal Shank

Also known as multi-shank or one-touch shank. It is suitable for hole cutting and the process of annular groove on various magnetic drills and press. The Annular Cutters are available in various cutting depths and shanks depending on their use.

Various Shanks include Weldon Shank, One Touch Shank, Fein Shank, Threaded Shank and so on. We can supply all these cutters in customized as well as standard forms.

HSS Annular Cutter

Designed to drill holes on mild to hard steels. These Cutters are more effective for mild steel application. Moreover, it can also be re-sharpened to increase the cutter’s life.

For the Excellent performance of the cutters, the fluid should be used to extend cutter life. The Cutter diameter ranges from 12mm to 60mm.

TIN Coated HSS Annular Cutter

DIC is a Manufacturer of Tin Coated HSS Annular Cutter in India. TIN-Coated HSS Annular cutters are made from HSS in grades M2, M35, M42.

TIN Coating is provided on these cutters for longer tool life and efficient usage. These cutters are more effective for mild steel applications and can be re-sharpened also to increase the cutter life.

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