A Step-By-Step Guide to Invisalign Process

Basically, the term braces are only meant for metal brackets and wires used for straightening the teeth. As years passing over, numerous advanced options are incepted into the world of dentistry. Lingual braces and Invisalign are the finest examples of it which the world has embraced remarkably.

There is nothing new to talk about Invisalign! It engulfs the traditional approaches to orthodontic completely reinforcing a complete dominance. Even people love its transparency while undergoing teeth straightening treatment without allowing anyone to know about it. The process of Invisalign treatment slightly varies from that of the conventional ones. Here, we’ll shed some light on it. So let’s start…

Process of Invisalign Treatment

Here, we will be going to illustrate the outline of the entire treatment procedure of Invisalign.

Look for a dental specialist trained in Invisalign

The very first step towards Invisalign treatment is to look for an Invisalign-trained orthodontist. There are many orthodontists who are qualified and Invisalign-trained to offer the best treatment to the patients. You have to search online to find out a reputed orthodontist trained in clear aligners.

Initial consultation

On finding the right dental specialist, you have to make an appointment for the consultation. On visiting there your dental condition will be examined extensively by the dentist inquiring about your dental goals. X-rays will be performed to look for the presence of either tooth decay or gum disease.

If there is any, that issue will be treated on a prior note instead of conducting an orthodontic solution. But if you come out to be an ideal for Invisalign then further treatment plans will be discussed along with the expenditure.

Taking moulds

In the first couple of appointments, your mouth has to be scanned using the digital scanner. In this time, a wand will be placed to check which one perfectly fits over your teeth. This fast and painless method eliminates the necessity of using a plaster mould.

A 3D picture of the mouth will be shown to you on the monitor screen. It is essential for the simulation of a treatment plan and how the appeal will look like on completion of the treatment. Accordingly, they will send the 3D picture to the Invisalign lab for its meticulous design so that your treatment process can be started as early as possible.

First tray fitting

When the tray is ready and sent to the clinic, you will be asked to pay a visit to your orthodontist. For better comfort, dental attachments can be suggested initially. It takes a good hold on to the aligner and assists it to shift the teeth slowly. Sometimes, composite is put into the template of Invisalign for perfect fitting.

This leaves button-like attachments on the teeth that incorporate the aligner to move the teeth into their original and desired position. Don’t worry as the button application is completely temporary and painless. Once the application is over, you are ready to take on the very first Invisalign aligner for proper fitting.

New trays and follow-up appointments

A couple of weeks after obtaining the treatment, a follow-up appointment will be arranged. In this appointment, the orthodontist will inspect that the tray is fitted snugly and everything is progressing as expected and according to the treatment plan.

Regular appointments at an interval of 4-6 weeks have to be scheduled for monitoring the treatment procedure. In a week or two, the existing aligner tray should be swapped with a new one. Even the frequency of swapping can fluctuate as it is directly proportionate to the treatment length and the outcome you wish for!

For how long do you need to put on Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment period gets over within 2 years and yet there are many patients who start noticing the difference very fast i.e., in 6 months. The accurate time frame needs for the treatment to fix your problem depends on its severity. Also, other attributes like compliance of the patients to the instruction and the kind of dental problems have their role as well.

On average, Invisalign consumes 12-18 months for correcting any orthodontic problem. It is recommended to keep it in your mouth for long 24 hours which is unrealistic. So, patients must keep wearing the aligner for 22 hours on a daily basis if they want to notice the result fast. Removal of the aligner is only acceptable for short phases of especially during eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

Some use it as the mouthguard to enjoy the sports and the situation is different. Treatment will linger in case there is any breach in following the dentist’s instructions. Considering the degree of the dental problem you are suffering from, the aligners’ number required is also determined which estimates the cost in the end.

How Invisalign tray is made?

At first, a perfect 3D image will be made by the dentist making use of the digital scanner. Then, it will be sent to the Invisalign lab for custom tailoring of your tray. With Invisalign, there is no question of comfort as it is unrivalled in this prospect.

But a big thank is deserved by SmartTrack (patented thermoplastic) which makes Invisalign so seamless and smooth throughout the treatment period. Initially, your mouth will be scanned to simulate the progress of the treatment while giving illustrations to the individual patient as well.

Who is a suitable candidate for Invisalign?

A range of clear aligners including Invisalign is effective to treat mild to moderate dental misalignment problems. However, correction of complex dental conditions is not possible by it.

Hence, people with the following condition are ideal to obtain Invisalign braces treatment:

  • Mildly protruding teeth
  • Teeth overcrowding
  • Crooked or mildly rotated teeth
  • Open bite
  • Tooth gaps
  • Mild overbites, underbites, or crossbites

The persons with any previous dental solution like a prosthetic tooth or dental bridge, the teeth movement will get affected badly. Therefore, in such instances, Invisalign is not ideal at all to provide.

Alike other orthodontic solutions Invisalign brace is also hefty in terms of price. It’s natural to seem unaffordable by most people suggesting them to talk to the respective orthodontist for feasible payment options. Basically, it will cost range is £3,000-£5,000, so you must get a dental policy to get it covered. As it is used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, many insurance providers don’t cover its expense at all.

Primarily, you have to look for a dental expert well-trained in Invisalign braces. This clear aligner is excellent for fixing mild dental misalignment problems. For the restoration of severe or major dental problems, you have to look for any other braces option as per your condition consulting with the orthodontist.

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