9 Best Long Wavy Hair for Women

Did you know that wavy #hairstyle is one of the top trends for women every year, all season? Again long wavy long hair is the trendiest, go-to hairstyle for women this year too! Women have been rocking stunning wavy hairstyles since January 2021. So grab a curling iron and prepare to create yourself a fabulous wavy hairstyle for the rest of the months.

There is always a look you can pull off and make your own that complements every face shape. For the year 2021, check out these extra, wavy long hairstyles you can wear. There is no worry even if you are not blessed with naturally wavy hair. A curling iron is more than enough to achieve your wavy goal.

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1. Classic Voluminous Waves

Here’s a hairstyle from the 1970 and 1980 that’s still hot to this day. It gives you a vintage good old vibe! For ladies, classic wavy hair is super-elegant and classy. This retro wavy hairstyle has too much class, pride, and volume in the wavy layers.

The classic look can be achieved by creating voluminous waves on one side or voluminous on both sides. You can call this the ‘classy red carpet hairstyle’ because female celebrities wear this on the red carpet.

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2. Swoopy Layered Waves

Many old trends have resurfaced, reintroducing extremely rejuvenated looks to the limelight. Long wavy layers can be styled in various ways, and here is the stylish wavy hair for 2021.

This hairstyle for wavy hair emphasizes a huge chunk of flipped hair on one side. The highly volumized side enhances the swoopy waves and boosts hair volume for girls.

3. Long Wavy Shag

A trendy, edgy 2021 hairstyle is a long wavy shag with light hair bangs that graze the brows. A distinctively cool style is achieved by long hair cascading down with somewhat ruffled and messy layers. For the ultimate rock and roll appearance, combine these long shaggy layers with a wispy bang.

4. Long Beach Waves

Beach waves are my go-to hairstyle when using long hair extensions, but they look great on both long and short hair.

With just a few tools and supplies, girls can achieve this super-easy long wavy hair at home. At the same time, loose flowing waves exude playful and pleasant attitudes.

long beach waves haircut

To achieve beach waves:

  • Gather heat guard, holding spray, and curling wand.
  • Apply a heat guard to protect your hair against heat damage.
  • Wrap a section of hair diagonally around the curling iron, and hold for a few seconds.
  • Take the curls and hold them in your hand for five to ten seconds.
  • Repeat the technique with the remaining hair until you’re finished.
  • Spritz your waves with a holding spray to keep them in place.

5. Wavy Black Ponytail

The wavy black ponytail is the ideal hairstyle for women with naturally black wavy hair. However, it is a must-try hairstyle even for blondes and brunettes. So use black human hair extensions, and wigs will give you enough volume to wear this style for 2021.

To make a wavy black ponytail:

  • Tie your hair at the crown with an elastic band.
  • Make sure the black ponytail extension is securely wrapped around the base of the ponytail.
  • Brush the flyaway out of your ponytail from the ends using a gentle brush.
  • Use a hair gel and a stiff holding spray to keep the waves in your ponytail looking extra-elegant.

6. Voluminous Wavy Ponytail

Make the switch to a ponytail style, so you don’t have to worry about your hair being damaged. Ponytail hairstyles are easy to maintain and comfy to wear.

A colorful scrunchies may give your high ponytail a lot of romantic vibes! Incorporate big waves to make it look voluminous and fluffy. Then widen out the ponytail with your fingers to give it a little bit of a messy look.

7.  Wavy Half-Up Hairstyle

The sophisticated effect is achieved with this basic half-up, half-down idea. Pull the top section of your hair up towards your crown and secure them to create a half-up look.

Half-up hair can be secured in a variety of ways, including ponytails, braids, and buns. They achieve an intricate look though it is very easy to style.

8. Wavy Loose Updo

For 2021, the wavy up do is the ideal DIY hairstyle. To achieve this style, tie your natural hair into a low ponytail. After applying a heat protestant, create large waves on your hair.

Finally, pin the wavy layers into a bun at the back of your head. It will test your patience to master this style, but the end product is breathtaking. T

he up do looks so much better with the silk tie. To enhance the beauty of your wavy bun, wrap a colorful silk tie around it.

9. Messed-up Wavy Bun

The messy bun can be a dominating hairstyle that isn’t overly complicated while still displaying your impeccable fashion sense.

While curly hair is considered ideal for bun style like pineapple hairstyle, you can use wavy hair to imitate the curly bun. You want to look funky and stylish without looking like you just woke up.

For an extra-stylish look, add waves to your messy bun and let a few wavy strands out in front fall freely.

Long wavy hairstyles never go out of fashion; they are always at the top in the beauty world. Even this year, women are pulling off stunning wavy hairstyles.

Amidst the pandemic, they are still improving their wavy hair to achieve the best look. So step up and try out these gorgeous long wavy hairstyles for 2021!

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